Melbourne Museum Australia - A Place to Step Back In Time

We wanted to be one of the first people to enter, so that we had the maximum time in our hands to take in all that this treasure house of information and entertainment could offer. I had read up about this place and also researched on the Internet, but the excitement of physically being in the Melbourne Museum Australia was something much more appealing.

Melbourne Museum Australia
Melbourne Museum Australia | Image Resource :

As we made our way inside, I was stunned by the enormity of the place. It is the largest museum around in this part of the world and has seven main galleries, a dedicated children’s gallery and a temporary exhibits gallery. Besides these, the museum also has an amphitheatre, a discovery centre, which is a free research for the general public and a theatre on the lower level usually showing 3D documentary movies. As we strolled through the immaculate corridors of history of the main permanent exhibit gallery, we were treated to some amazingly well preserved reminders of yester years, exhibits such as the skeletons of dinosaurs and a giant wombat like creature and the skeleton of a pygmy blue whale were truly spell binding. There were equally other stunning displays in this section like mind and body gallery, evolution gallery, and the forest gallery.

Melbourne Museum Australia Inside View
Melbourne Museum Australia Inside View | Image Resource :

The special attraction for people with kids would definitely be the children’s gallery. The area is made up of three different spaces. The first area is for temporary exhibits and this keeps changing, the second area is where all the action is. This is where the hands on learning experience come in and kids can do all that they want and finally the last area is the outdoor space, where kids can really unwind after the interior tour. My son went berserk in this section. After spending some more in the museum galleries trying to understand the vast culture and heritage associated with this place, we went down to the café to snack up and relax.


As we departed from the museum, I began to reflect on the magnitude and enormity of Melbourne Museum Australia, and thanked my luck stars to giving me opportunity to visit this remarkable place.

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