Exploring Darling Harbour Sydney

My next destination was taking a trip down under and exploring this expansive continent resplendent with all that nature and the rich cultural heritage could offer. Of course, it was not a problem to motivate my kid to tag along because he is in so many ways like me, loves to travel to new places and explore, his curious mind taking in all that the place can offer. The sojourn down under started with my first visit to the iconic Darling Harbour Sydney.

Darling Harbour Sydney
Darling Harbour Sydney | Image Resource : blogspot.com

It is rather surprising that a simple, meandering stretch of waterway is famous the world over, not only for the local inhabitants but also for foreign tourists. I needed to find out more about this enigmatic place. Walking around the shoreline and watching the multitude of yachts sailing or just lazily bobbing on the undulating wave, it slowly started to dawn on me why this place is famous. The ambience of the harbour was sheer magic and it had a captivating effect on all those who come to visit. But there is so much more than just the harbour and water. We boarded a ferry, which I was told is the best way to travel around Sydney harbour. Here I came to know that, there are about six islands in the harbour, each having its own story to tell the visitor, regarding its culture and historical background. Some of these islands pulsate with Aboriginal past, while some others speak of European influence that could be seen in the convict-built structures and the many forts.

Darling Harbour Pyrmont Bridge Sydney
Darling Harbour Pyrmont Bridge Sydney | Image Resource : wikimedia.org

One island in particular, I was told, featured in the world heritage site because of the famous convict site. This particularly interested my son, who kept up a barrage of questions about convicts and the rest. Well, after getting a dose of history, I went to one place that cannot be missed for all its worth, yes, the Sydney Opera house. We took a guided tour of this iconic structure to better understand its significance, and this time it was the guide’s turn to have his brains picked by my son. The tour around this magnificent building was breathtaking and left us quite hungry. So, we winded up the tour by dining in the opera house and then headed back to our hotel.


It was a hectic day for us, but the time spent at Darling Harbour Sydney was worth it. I think tomorrow, I’d get back to something more natural.

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