Taronga Zoo Sydney - Holds a Rich Collection of Exclusive Animals

After completing a mesmerizing journey to the Sydney Harbour Bridge, it was time to experience nature in a completely different manner. Our next destination was the Taronga Zoo Sydney. My husband and Joseph were extremely excited, which was obvious as zoos always fascinate any kind of male. Although I was a woman, I have always loved to explore new kinds of plants and animals. For entering the park, we booked ZoolInk tickets, which enabled us to enjoy a ferry ride, explore the entire park. However, the best of all was the Gondola ride. 

Entrance of Taronga Zoo Sydney
Entrance of Taronga Zoo Sydney | Image Resource : wikimedia.org

It is also known as Sydney’s city zoo and was situated close to the Sydney Harbour, which was close to Mosman. I learnt that the zoo came to existence in the month of October in the year 1916. The zoo was managed quite well, thanks to the Board of Zoological Parks in New South Wales who were responsible for the same. Its original name was the Conservation Society of Taronga.

The Taronga Zoo Sydney was so large that it was impossible to cover the entire place even in two or three days. Moreover, we had to cover a number of attractive tourist spots before ending our trip. It was classified into 8 different zones depending on the geography of the zoo. It existed over an area of 21 hectares. One of the fellow travellers told us that there were a total of 2600 or more animals belonging to 340 different species. We even went to the cafe to have some snacks as all of us were pretty hungry. The environment in the cafe never allowed us feel that we were out of the zoo. 


We also bought some food for the animals from the zoo shop before visiting some of them in their cages. We started with the Australian wetland zone, which enabled us to catch glimpses of animals like Chestnut Teal, Royal Spoonbill, Brolga, Magpie Goose and Australian Shelduck. Then we went to the Australian nightlife zone where we could see the Bilby, Quokka, Phascogale with red tail, Tawny Frogmouth and Feathertail Glider. I was simply amazed about the rich and unique collection of the zoo.

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