Sydney Harbour Bridge – An Extraordinary Experience

On the next day of our arrival in Sydney, I could actually feel the tension-free ambience, miles away from the daily horror of workload. A good hotel, a comfortable room, a sound sleep – we three were all set to explore the city. Though on a vacation, the spirit of seeing new places and tourist spots like Sydney Harbour Bridge and Sydney Opera House made us active, which was mostly evident in our kid Joseph. Usually a late riser, he was the most excited one among us who got early and was upset why his parents were delaying to get ready. We got dressed and were all set to go by the noon since we decided to proceed after lunch.

Sydney Harbour Bridge
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We planned to go around the city and see the two most famous spots—the harbour bridge and the opera house. I was planning to visit the bridge after sunset as I loved the pictures of the structure taken at night, which I saw online. So we went there at 5 p.m. when the bridge was glowing with lights and creating a mesmerizing effect. Stretching across the Sydney Harbour between the Sydney Central Business District (CBD) and the North Shore, the Bradfield Highway is about 2.4 km long, being the shortest highways in Australia. The carrier of trains, motor vehicles, pedestrians and bicycles the bridge is nicknamed “the coathanger” because of its arch shaped design. Stepping on the bridge made me feel as if I was into the picture which I saw online while reading about this bridge. Being the sixth longest spanning arch bridge, this is also the tallest steel arch bridge. My husband who loves travelling and visiting new places was spellbound to see the massive grand structure hanging on the top of the harbor, whose water was glittering with the reflection of the lights on the bridge. The city of Sydney was also looking beautiful from there.

Posing for pictures we had also to keep an eye on our kid who otherwise would have created a ruckus for sure. But one thing I would have to admit that the view of the Sydney Harbour Bridge was a lifetime experience, which I would cherish forever in future, especially while looking at the picture of us three taken by some unknown pedestrian.

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