Air travel from Bangalore to Sydney by Thai Airways – A Memorable Trip

Being a software engineer and working in shifts for 8 hours a day really makes a person like me exhausted. But what to do, after all to live comfortably and to fulfill the needs of daily life one has to earn a bit. And this IT sector knows exactly how to squeeze all your effort by paying you an attractive amount. So to get away from all the work load and tension, holidays are the best way out. And being a married woman holidays to me includes my doting husband and my lovely son Joseph. I was thinking for quite a long time now to take a break from work and plan a holiday abroad but that was not happening as my leaves were clashing with my husband’s leaves. But after planning for a few months, eventually we got our leaves together and planned an air travel from Bangalore to Sydney by Thai Airways. The trip was not only important for me and my husband but was equally required for our son, whom we really cannot give our whole time.

Thai Airways
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Going for a trip is always exciting and the excitement started right from the packing. The travel agent was given strict instructions to plan our trip in such a way so that we could enjoy our journey and stay in Sydney. The glow on my son’s face was really making me think how important this trip was for our family. On the scheduled day, we started from our home and reached the Kempegowda International Airport, Bangalore 3 hours prior to our scheduled flight timing. Our immigration process went smoothly without any hassle and we boarded the Thai Airways flight TG-326 at 00:30 hrs. It was scheduled to reach the Suvarnabhumi International Airport, Bangkok at 5:55 hrs, from where we had a connecting flight to Sydney. Though there was an interval of 2 hours between the two flights, we had a fun time at the airport, which was vast and neatly decorated. We enjoyed clicking pictures in the Suvarnabhumi International Airport, which had really nice architecture and decorations.

Suvarnabhumi International Airport
Suvarnabhumi International Airport | Image Resource :

As we boarded the connecting flight to Sydney from Bangkok, we were really thrilled with our trip and especially our son whose excitement knew no bounds. And I was quite sure that this air travel from Bangalore to Sydney by Thai Airways would really be a memorable trip since we had our bookings with hotel Hampton Inn Sydney, which was highly recommended by our agent. And this trip was important for me and my husband as well as it gave us a peaceful time together.

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