Photography tips for beginners

Photography will always be the love of my life. I have been photographing since my college days. Often people come to me for advice. So, i’m writing this blog to help amatuer shutterbug develop their skills and enjoy the whole process of taking the right picture for their collection.


Rather than being technical, a photographer has to be creative. Having a great imagination can prove to be a blessing for you. Even though I don’t have a strong imagination but I do consider myself as very thoughtful person.



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With an interesting thought process, suitable environment and right equipments anybody can capture a soulful moment into their camera. However, If you are new with the camera I recommend that you to take a breath, look around and think about what exactly you are trying to capture. Doing this every time you take a picture will help you develop your skills as a photographer. 


The points that I mention in this blog will help you take amazing pictures and allows you to:


- Make your travel journeys even more memorable.

- Create beautiful portraits for your friends and family.

- Be confident about you photography


Tips for better picture :


- Move in closer


You will be able to produce better shots if you move closer to your subject. Often focusing the entire frame on you subject helps you produce a more detailed picture of the person.


- Click Quicker 


This tips is useful while taking capturing babes, bird, animal or any moving object. It’s like drawing a gun; in both the cases you are shooting something or someone (Just kidding). Photography is all about less aggression and more calmness.


- Compose carefully


Knowing how to compose your picture is very important. Try to identify proper lines and patterns with in your frame. Keeping an horizontally level will help you develop better pictures.




Always focus on the subject you are trying to capture.


- Be simple


Do not complicated things. Just observe your surrounding and choose things that you would like to add or remove your picture.


- Try to be Bold


You find a moment to be amusing capture it. Don't worry about how good the picture is or what people would think of it.


That’s it ! these are some simple yet useful tips that I suggest; if you are learning photography. Hope you liked this blog. Please Feel free to comment, suggest or question.


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