Orana Wildlife Park – A Close Encounter with Wild Animals

Our vacation was about to end. On one side, we were happy to enjoy and having so much fun in new Zealand, while on the other side, we were sad that this amazing trip was about to end. But then, we had a great time at this place and were about to have more with our last destination of the Orana wildlife park.


The wildlife park is located at 10 minutes drive from the Christchurch airport. This is New Zealand’s only open range zoo and is spread over around 80 hectares.

Orana Wildlife Park New Zealand
Orana Wildlife Park New Zealand | Image Resource : db2.stb.s-msn.com

The trip was so different and amazing. New Zealand was unfolding its new wings everyday, and this wildlife park was one amongst them. Here, we enjoyed every moment with such a close encounter with almost every animal. We got the opportunity of hand feeding the tall giraffe, the beautiful animal which we had only seen behind the cages so far. We met rhino at a close distance and many other animals, but what was most thrilling was the encounter with the lions. This was the only zoo I saw where humans are kept behind the cages and lions are free in open. It was much closer to these hungry predators than I ever imagined in my wildest dreams.


Twenty of the tourists were taken in a cage, along with the members of the sanctuary of course, and were led into a habitat of a pack of lions. As soon as the lions saw the cage, the came running and soon they were all around and over the cage. We were frightened and amused at the same time. The animals were fed through the bars. This was a very interesting way of exhibiting the lions without harming them, and also encouraging people to help them.

We also encountered many other animals like monkeys, meerkats, and many more. There was an extensive collection displaying kiwi and a variety of native birds and reptiles. Guided tours are operated daily and programmed animal feeds take place recurrently all through the day. A cafe and wildlife gift shop are featured on-site.The trip is bit expensive but is worth every penny.

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