Hamilton Zoo - A Must See

Our next destination was the Hamilton zoo of New Zealand. The zoo is positioned on about 25hactare of skillfully landscaped grounds. It is a home to more than 440 native as well as many exotic species of birds, mammals and reptiles that are present in the natural surroundings. We extracted half day for this site so as to see the place properly.

Hamilton Zoo New Zealand
Hamilton Zoo New Zealand | Image Resource : hamiltoninfo.co.nz

We started the tour with one of the major attraction that is the Free Flight Sanctuary. This Sanctuary is a long walk-through that features a range of species of beautiful and chirping native birds. These were displayed within a within an attractive re-creation of New Zealand’s sub-alpine habitat. This sanctuary was huge and was around 17 meters in height to accommodate a large airspace for the birds to fly freely.


This beautiful sanctuary also featured a self sustaining and one of its kinds “Forgotten Forest”, that is maintained only to reflects the pre human environment of the New Zealand. It was so amazing so see something that existed before humans came into being. Also, it was such a knowledgeable thing, especially for Joseph. This unique forest included ponds, valleys covered with ferns and a waterfall. It took around full two years to design and build this marvel.

Giraffe In Hamilton Zoo
Giraffe In Hamilton Zoo | Image Resource : static.panoramio.com

This all looked so pleasant with the beautiful birds thriving in their natural habitat.The viewers were acknowledging the beauty while moving on the paved paths and wooden board walks.

Zebra In Hamilton Zoo
Zebra In Hamilton Zoo | Image Resource : img.scoop.co.nz

Among the rare birds were the Blue Duck -Whio, New Zealand Wood Pigeon -Kereru, Banded Rail -Riro Riro, and the New Zealand Kingfisher –kotare; which are all considered as the treasure of the New Zealand. We were amazed to see such unique birds.

The Hamilton Zoo is also a home to an extensive variety of animals-mammals and reptiles. Some of the breeds that we were fortunate to see were zebra, ring-tailed lemur, blue-tongued lizards, wallabies, giraffes, red pandas, African cheetahs and the entertaining and intelligent- the chimpanzees. We also witnessed white rhino, which are extremely rare. Another such rare species at the zoo is the Tuatara that is an ancient member of the reptiles. It was so enthralling to see these beautiful creatures in their own habitat.

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