Waitemata Harbor - A Place Full of Adventure

We were having a gala time in Auckland. Every coming day was full of surprises and pleasant spot. We were so delighted to come to this trip. The place is no doubt one of the best destinations for a fun filled vacation. Our next site was the Waitemata Harbor. The Waitemata Harbor is the prime way to Auckland by sea. It is because of this importance that this harbor is also referred to as Auckland harbor, though there are two harbors that surround the city. This harbor is also crossed by the Auckland Harbor Bridge. 

Waitemata Harbor New Zealand
Waitemata Harbor New Zealand | Image Resource : flickr.com

On reaching the harbor, we realized that the Auckland Harbor holds many attractive ventures for tourists and executes numerous travel activities. There are so many options that everyone, from child to old, can find an activity suitable to them, thus engaging and entertaining everyone. There were adventures for the enthusiastic ones while an entire relaxing alternative for the calm section of visitors.

Waitemata Harbor New Zealand
Waitemata Harbor New Zealand | Image Resource : blogspot.com

We looked for the adventurous activities and found a number of them. There was provision for bungee jumping, canoeing and kayaking, climbing, abseiling, flying fox, jet boating and skiing, sky jumping and thrill rides. It was so difficult to choose what we want to do from these thrilling options. There were boats, sailing and charters, many events and shows were on the exhibit, numerous water fun activities, and lot more.


I wanted to go for bungee jumping as I had never tried it before. So I went for it while Fill and Joseph watched me. The experts explained me how it is done and what precautions to take, which I forgot as soon as I jumped off the cliff. What I experienced was only the adrenaline rush in my body. But the experience was awesome. Joseph clapped when I came back to them. Then we all three enjoyed the water sports. That was huge fun to enjoy those sports with the family. Fill tried water surfing and we watched when he did it like he was trained in this sport. We also went fishing after that. It was so pleasurable to see so many activities going around and people enjoying everywhere. I will make sure to visit this place again.

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