Fiordland National Park – An Amazing Place

In the last 3-4 days of our stay at Auckland, we were now much aware of our surroundings and were enjoying the new environment. We even had made friends with a few tourists residing in the same hotel. It feels great to have friends with people when you are away from your home. With the advice of them, we decided our next destination to be the Fiordland national park.


Fiordland national park is one of the most dramatic and spectacular part of New Zealand, and a must visit place for the nature lovers. It is so beautiful and scenic that it enthralls its viewers with its iconic beauty.

Fiordland National Park New Zealand
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This national park is the New Zealand’s largest national park and in the world well. However, this is also a remote and not so explored part and is extremely prone to rains.


The modes that were offered to get around the place were walk, bus, boat or flight. We opted for a trip through that incredible wilderness on overnight. The tracks were excellently guided. Hunting is allowed for some introduced species after getting a permit. The same applied for fishing as well.

We witnessed the amazing natural environment featuring a range of flora, stunning waterfalls and the snow covered mountains. For accommodation while exploration, numerous huts made available for the hikers at various remote locations. However, one must opt for advance booking of the huts which is essential to make certain of the stay and will not lead to a conflict with others travelers for accommodation. Failure of this may result in finding yourself adjusting on the floor, or in worse case, will have to camp outside. All these huts were provided with the basic accommodation needs like a fire place to keep you warm in the chilling weather, a roof and an area to sleep. The other needs of cot, food and entertainment are to be fulfilled by the visitors only.


The trip was fantabulous. It was such a wild experience, though we couldn’t go to the interior because of Joseph, but we did explore the region via cruse. It is, no doubt, a must visit place for all the adventurous people.

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