Lake Taupo – A Place Blessed By Nature.

Lake Taupo New Zealand
Lake Taupo New Zealand | Image Resource :

After an amazing trip to the bay of islands, the next day, we three were all the more excited to visit the next site. New Zealand is gifted with numerous attracting sites and we being great admirer of nature, decided to visit another such nature’s marvel- the Taupo Lake.


Lake Taupo is New Zealand’s largest fresh water lake that is sited amid the green, bushy mountains and is located in a spectacular volcanic landscape.


On reaching at the place, we were amazed by the beauty of the site. Nature has bestowed this place with all its heart. The town of Taupo is settled on the banks, at northeastern part of this lake, the point where it ejects to the powerful Waikato River. This river was seen flowing over the Huka Falls, which is the most stunning and most visited waterfalls of the New Zealand.


There were many hotels near to the lake offering their services, along with a panoramic view of the lake. We checked in into one of the hotel to ensure our two days comfortable stay here and enjoy the serene beauty of the place and the surroundings. The view of the lake surrounded by the snow capped mountains was mesmerizing. We had our lunch over the Lake Front and enjoyed snacks on the shore, while watching the beautiful orange ball sun sinking behind the mountains. I have visited so many places but none was such a spell bounding site, I wish I could stay there for forever!!


We enjoyed the lake with its association of rivers and tried our hand on the wild- fish catching experience as well. Joseph caught two fishes, and was so happy on his puny achievement. In winters, the region is flooded by the skiers and snowboarders on this major ski area of New Zealand. The region also executes many adventure activities like sky diving, jet boating and paragliding, and many more to quench that hunger for adventure. 


We enjoyed to the fullest over that trip. It was so adventurous and rejuvenating. We also visited a national park that is situated in the vicinity and the hot water springs. It was a never forgetting experience for me.

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