Sky Tower - Enjoy the View from the Heights

We were enjoying our trip to New Zealand. On this fourth day of our trip, we planned to visit the Sky Towers of the New Zealand. This tower is more than a thousand feet in height, making it the tallest construction in the Southern Hemisphere. We reached the Sky Tower and as it was in Auckland, it didn’t take too long to reach the destination. On reaching there, we were amazed to see the tall man made structure standing in front of us. There were many tourists as well, to view this tall structure. Some were just roaming around and some, as we could see, were enjoying a Sky Jump and screaming with excitement. 


We also headed for the height and entered the tower. There were several floors to look at. We entered the lift, and noticed the eye-catching glass panel. The floor was also made of glass and was very attractive. Joseph was all the time looking down to the people roaming on the lower floors.

Sky Tower New Zealand
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When we reached the destination, we were awed by the view, which was just fantastic. The weather was good and that also contributed for us to have a magnificent and clear view. It was so beautiful to see the city stretch, the harbor, the islands and the volcanic hills surrounding the region. The site was much better than we expected. While looking down, we could see right into the numerous sky scrapers of Auckland, and the beauty was accentuated with the harbor water, boats and the bordering green hills.

With change in direction, there was a different view spread in front of us.We also tried the sky jump. It was extremely thrilling.When we were satisfied with the view and clicking numerous pictures, we looked around to hog on something and satisfy our hunger pangs. So we entered a restaurant. It was a revolving restaurant and Joseph was so delighted to be there. We had a few delicacies and moved out to roam around. There was so much less than one roof to look at and adore. We spent the whole day there –enjoying!!

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