Air travel from Bangalore to Auckland by Cathay pacific airlines

I like travel to the extremes. Traveling for me refers to moving out of my comfort zone, to see, explore and to learn. It means to expand my perspective, literally and figuratively.  It’s not only a stamp on my passport but is a collection of moments that I cherish- a lot!!


It’s a kind of rejuvenation, not knowing what’s coming next in my plate, but I like to try it anyway. Traveling is much more fun when it is accompanied by my husband Fill and son Joseph. We packed our bags with all the necessities that would be required in the trip. I was now very quick with the packing which was gained over the experience of numerous vocational trips.


We got ready for our flight that was a hopping flight taking around 27 hrs to make us reach our destination. We headed towards airport to board our air travel from Bangalore to Auckland by Cathay Pacific Airlines.

Cathay Pacific Airlines
Cathay Pacific Airlines | Image Resource :

We entered into the airport and directly proceed to the check-in counter. I could see the number of flight displayed there. We dropped our luggage there and collected our ID and boarding pass and tag receipt of our baggage. Then we went to the departure gate where the security checks were carried out. Then, we were guided to the boarding lounge and then into the aircraft. We  Enjoyed a comfortable  travel on the flight.


Auckland Airport
Auckland Airport | Image Resource :

Traveling for me is also synonymous to taking my beloved camera with me to anywhere I go. Sometimes it means capturing each moment with my clicks while sometimes not clicking any picture, but just soaking almost everything up. That’s the reason; I skip into a vacation whenever I get an opportunity from my job of an engineer and from my household duties. This time, my vacations were in sink with that of my seven year old son Joseph and my darling husband Fill. So, to encase this rare occasion, we decided a vacation within a day and planned to visit the marvelous place of Auckland sited in New Zealand. It is considered as a land of beautiful islands and lush green hills. Famous for its hospitality, wines and cuisines, Auckland was welcoming us with open arms.


The Cathay Pacific Airlines offered an excellent service; both the on-ground and in-flight facilities were excellent.

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